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Three decades of changes in Chinas Sewing Machinery Industry


Thirty years, but a long time in the river between the fingers.

Thirty years, but enough to witness an industry break into a butterfly, glory bloom.

In the past 30 years, China's sewing machinery industry has changed from the glory of domestic sewing machines to the new development of industrial sewing machines, realizing the second glory of the industry!

Looking back, when we open the memory of the industry again, that series of dusty data, in its unique form, truly records the changes of the industry and verifies the vicissitudes of the industry. So let's take some numbers and carve them for a while. Even if we look at the brilliant development of the industry in the past 30 years, we will remember the remarkable achievements we have made, and we will be grateful to those sewing machines who have devoted themselves to the development of the industry in the past 30 years.

Commemoration is not only for remembering, but also for looking into the future! Changshu sewing equipment

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