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Looking at the high-end shoe machine market in mainland China from the perspective of Taiwan businessmen: "machine replacement" is the trend


"The domestic sales of shoes in mainland China will turn to the middle and high-end market in the future, which requires higher requirements for shoemaking technology and more precise shoemaking machines." Lin qiaozhong, vice president of QingChu Friendship Association of Taiwan shoemaking industry association, told reporters Monday his judgment on the mainland's high-end shoemaking machine market.

The 17th China (Jinjiang) International Footwear Expo continued to be held in Jinjiang, Fujian Province on the 19th. Taiwan Pavilion will continue to be set up in this "Shoe Expo". Taiwan's exhibitor group will reach 80 booths, focusing on the display of shoe machines, materials and products, etc. to optimize the efficiency and improve the safety of shoe-making requirements.

Taiwan's shoemaking machinery is closely connected with Jinjiang's shoemaking industry. Taiwan is one of the most developed areas in footwear technology in the world, especially famous for its developed footwear machinery industry. Jinjiang has a large-scale footwear industry, complete industrial chain and strong complementarity between the two places.

"Taiwan's shoemaking machine has a good reputation in the market. Now all the famous shoemaking enterprises in Jinjiang use Taiwan's shoemaking machine." Zhang Xinjun, head of Taiwan's Jinlun brand industrial sewing machine, told reporters that, taking Jinjiang as an example, the acceptance of Taiwan's shoemaking machine by mainland shoemaking enterprises has been very high, and in recent years, it reflects the demand for high-end equipment. "Although the demand in quantity is not great in recent years, it is more demanding for high-end equipment. We are also improving as required. "

"With the development of the mainland economy, the wages of workers are also increasing, and the advantages of traditional labor-intensive industries are weakening." Lin qiaozhong told reporters that this also means that if the mainland's shoe enterprises want to pursue development, they need more sophisticated shoemaking machines.

For the future high-end shoe machine market in mainland China, Taiwan's shoe machine enterprises generally believe that "machine replacement" is the trend and inevitable. Lai zheying of Taiwan Tianyi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. calculated an account for the reporter: "a production line originally required 60 to 100 people, but now a machine only needs one person for one minute. At the same time, there is also energy saving. Using the full servo machine can save 50 times energy, and the cost will be calculated by everyone. "

"Using automation is a trend." Lin qiaozhong said that now the mainland government also emphasizes to improve automation instead of labor, and has issued many policies. The increasing demand for high-end equipment from mainland shoe enterprises will also attract more and more Taiwan shoe machine enterprises to settle in the mainland.

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