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Some simple principles of flat cutting machine


How to realize the cutting function and determine the cutting range of the flat cutting machine? Learn from the following simple principles of the flat cutting machine:

1. The plate cutting machine can cut the material with the maximum thickness of 2mm. It adopts the working principle of active rotation. It doesn't matter whether the blade is round or not. It is driven by the motor and can turn at any angle.

2. The material of the cutting material needs to be even and even in texture, and the uneven stress of the blade will lead to the deviation of the cutting direction. In addition, if the material itself is too hard, the blade can't cut the hardness, so can it.

3. The cutting material shall not have great flexibility, because when the blade is cut, it is a dragline cutting method. If the material is too soft, it will deform. For example, knitted cloth can not be cut, kraft paper, white card is no problem.

4. The flat cutting machine has two tool heads (knife, pen), drawing, blade cutting and other functions can be realized. Changshu cold rolled strip

5. From the characteristics of the proofing and cutting machine, we can see that the clothing, luggage, shoemaking and lighting industries are all applicable.

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