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The development of heavy machine JUKI industrial sewing machine


From the development history of heavy machine JUKI industrial sewing machine, people always hope to invent powerful sewing machine to replace ordinary sewing machine, to free people from heavy labor and solve the practical contradiction of labor shortage; from the development trend of sewing machine, there are two trends: one is full-automatic sewing equipment, the other is semi-automatic sewing equipment; and From the actual use effect, the full-automatic sewing machine has advantages over the semi-automatic sewing machine in the fierce market competition; theoretically, the higher the degree of automation of the sewing machine equipment, the easier the operation, and the more popular it should be.

However, the result of reality is that the demand of garment technology is changing rapidly. Not only is the cost of full-automatic sewing machine too high, but its scope of application is often limited by garment technology, and its advantages cannot be brought into full play.

In contrast, semi-automatic sewing machine has strong adaptability to garment technology, relatively low cost, and is within the range of users' affordability. Therefore, it is widely welcomed by garment enterprises and other customers in recent years.

Features of JUKI industrial sewing machine

?????????????????????????. After the sewing process, the semi-automatic sewing machine will cut the thread and receive the material manually.

Generally, one operator can operate one semi-automatic sewing machine. According to the author's summary, the features of semi-automatic sewing machine are: semi-automatic sewing machine requires the operator to place the sewing material near the sewing position; the whole sewing process is completed with the help of manual; it has automatic thread cutting and other devices.

JUKI industrial sewing machine also has the advantages of high production efficiency and good sewing quality, such as automatic sewing machine, automatic pattern machine, etc.

Six advantages of heavy machine JUKI industrial sewing machine:

Compared with heavy machine JUKI industrial sewing machine, the advantages are as follows:


?? for example: automatic stop needle position, automatic stitch technology, automatic reinforcement sewing, automatic sewing and embroidery, automatic color change thread, slow start, image transformation, pattern scaling, pattern rotation, additional start sewing origin, function display and other functions.

?? 2. High degree of automation and intelligence


Automatic and semi-automatic sewing machines can simplify the work that is difficult to complete with ordinary sewing machines, and can complete multiple processes with one machine.

4. Reduce the application of mechanical parts

Since semi-automatic and full-automatic sewing machines are controlled by computers, motors are used to replace the movements that need to be carried out by mechanical mechanisms to reduce a large number of mechanical parts. Simplified movement and structure.

?? 5. Labor saving operation

Due to the high degree of automation, semi-automatic and full-automatic sewing machines can reduce the difficulty of operation. Just press "start" or pedal to work, or even fully automatic work.

High sewing quality

Since the whole process is completed by electronic control, semi-automatic sewing machine and full-automatic sewing machine have the same stitch, good consistency and high quality.

Automatic and semi-automatic sewing machines are the trend of technology development Changshu sewing equipment

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